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- Who is Gunboy

Jack asscratch-BBC :(music not by jazzuo)

On this section of page we try to answer to the question who is gunboy.

WE do not really know how his face look we can only say that he probably has no hair and facial features are not very strong. Women believe he has nice ass and some scientests are amayed by his well grown knee.

- the story

Well this man when during the first arival of our friendlz eliens he started to shoot on them from ground. The elience fought but ware onlz succesful in making him runaway. Actualy this his behaviour almost caused a not international but actualy inter univarsal or galactic or how ever we call it chrisis. Anyway world leaders promised eliens that it wount repeat and so the us army started to look for him and found him in ruins of unfinished high building in Turkey Ankara. This was pretty massive campaign but the gunboy ascaped again.

- why is he attacking?

Now wed like to answer to question why the man is attacking. Well it seems only mr Anterutio has meaningfull answer to this. He relyes on fact that the gunboys behavior is quite unlogical and belive that its why US military is unable to eliminate the gunboy. Taking that fact as a proof he sais that the reasons of gunboys behaving have be unlogical. He believe that he has some haluciantions or dream that told him and tells him what todo.

This picture abave is believed to be an autoportrait done by gunboy although we have no evidence nor details about when he was supposed to make this. But we can assume from this picture that he is probably have some mental issues.

- Wanted!!!

We believe that this man now even has gotten allied with the well known world spread terorist organization called "the world spread terorist organization" witch is quite dangerous match. This man can cause us great trables including to u. The trables with elians can cause many problems. So there is only one solution to this problem

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