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this game is as u see a top view with z depth plane simulator action game. U can flya up down land take off atc atc while shooting throughing bombs and collecting items.


U have health gass and bombs limited. To obtain them u have to kill enemy soldiers

on ground u dont lose gass but u cant shoot nor through bombs, enemy can shoot u but u can overrun them

While flying u can through bombs and shoot enemy(put the head down shooting while going down then go up again to not crash on ground)

Enemy soldiers if left alone they will start building anti air bases. Anti finished or nonfinished air bases can be destroyed by bomb.


to take off- hold engine and up till u take off

to land. To land u have to have head up(positive angle) but not too much. So go low speed down put head up hold the speed down.


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- Images from game

Shooting soldiers while going down is very chalenging

throughing a bomb to aboundened unfinished anti-airbase

one base is finish other is not

this one has been just finished by 3 soldiers and is shooting

So many rockets flying towards!!!!!

Image says it all


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