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Sexy Hiking's 20th Birthday Celebration!!!

Has it really been that long?


How did I get this date you may ask?
Well the first known file of Sexy Hiking published has the date of 9/17/2003 which is what I assume to be it's initial release date.

The reason this game is in the spot light right now is due to it's overwhelming popularity compared to any of Jazzuo's other games making this game his biggest success.

It spawned an entire genre of games similar to it starting with the release of "Getting Over It by Bennett Foddy" and after that came out many other similar creations were made.

This small celebration doesn't just include the game but serves as a day to celebrate Jazzuo's amazing creativity and how he's inspired many including myself.

The game is very simple and silly yet uses a unique mechanic and really sticks out compared to other games made by Jazzuo, you can also see some similarities to the hammer movement in another game he made named GM Golf Challenge which features a familiar face where you get to play as the character that appears at the end of every level in Sexy Hiking, maybe they are friends?

A lot of information regarding the main character has been found out too like how hes been used in multiple games by Jazzuo typically depicted as a bald man with a yellow shirt and blue pants, but most notably his name being FrantiĊĦek after it was stated inside Honem Padlem in dialogue at the beginning of the game.

Anyways, I just want to say thanks to you Jazzuo for creating some great stuff and inpiring so many, you are loved! :D

Below you will see creations made by fans to celebrate the event and you can submit work too to our Discord server as well and it will also be here with your preferred credit.

SH with a coat of paint

This mod really is a treat, it remasters the graphics and adds new animations to the game! This was made by Bup_up!

Play here!

Its Your Birthday TODAY!!!

This is a mod you can play at the link below, this was made by AmazuRazu!

Play here!

This art was drawn by AtreyuGilbert!

This cool render is by Zorphix_Zee!

This is a fun lil mod by TableGuy!

Download it here!

This funny render was made by Mr.Anonymous!