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About This Site

What is this site?

This site is mainly an archive for all of Jazzuo's games, and to make them more accessible to fans of his work since none of Jazzuo's sites work anymore. Not only is there an archive of all of the games we could find but we also have stuff for the community like a list of fan made games and a Discord server as well!

Who is Jazzuo?

Jazzuo is a retired Czech game dev who used to make classic games in Game Maker after stumbling upon it trying to find easy to make game software. He also used RPG Maker at one point and made an RPG game along with things you weren't intended to make in the software. He would normally make games that lack quality and are more centered around the fun of the game and the enjoyment of game development. Many different games seemed to have been inspired by has work, the most well known case of inspiration was a game called "Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy" being inspired by the game called "Sexy Hiking". Ever since the days where he first started making games he's developed a sort of cult following of people who like his silly games and we hope to let Jazzuo's games live on with this site being a huge tribute to him.