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Yellow Ninja's Extreme PRS (2/2/2010)

If you like the game Paper Rock Scissors, you won't be able to put this game down. Extreme PRS is a combination between Tetris and Paper Rock Scissors in which you need to line up blue and red rocks that each has a symbol of paper, rocks or scissors within them. If you align a row or column with paper rock and scissors of the same colors, you gain points and advance in the game!


This game only works on Android, Jazzuo's involvement in the creation of this game and all of the other "Yellow Ninja" games is unknown so we cannot garuentee the games are safe. If you know anything about these games please contact us!

Yellow Ninja's Extreme Zero is safe however, and its on Windows!

Download Extreme PRS 1.0.4.apk (4.5mbs)