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Soccer v3 (1/11/2002)

Game by: Yu known as jazzuo or gumi

(programed on the best gamemaking freeware THE GAMEMAKER www.cs.uu.nl/~markov/gmaker/)

Must read to be able to play!!!

read to know how to play!!!

this is a original soccergame where you have to use some tactics to play. And to use tactics you need to master the unique controls i developed. You have to use both mause and arrow keys.

when you start the game you can move players only by arrow keys. How to use mouse? well there are two ways to get player moving by mouse. Either click on player by right mouse or get a ball. Remember that always only one player can be controled by mause and simultanosly you controle others with arrowkeys.

so when you move a player without a ball with mouse rightclick to choose other player and left where ever on screen to make player run that way.

when you move a player with ball with a mause left click to make player move as before and right click to shoot. the speed of shoot depens on how long you keep your mouse pushed.

and a goal keeper. You can move him only when ball is kicked and is near from goal man and when ball is taken by someone or it is far goalman will go back to original position him self

This is the first oficial version of this game and searies are to come

I love yu and you love yu

Download soccerv3.exe (1.2mbs)