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Rape (3/19/2004)


As u probably understood already this game is about raping.

You are a very horny gang in a small town. Lead the members of the gang to catch and rape some women

- controls-

the controle is as in any other RTS(real time strategy)

u pick a person to give order by clicking directli with left mouse or by dragging a square with left mouse as u do on windows.

to give order u click on any space on screen with right mouse.

to move around the map just put the cursor closer to adge of the screen

when a member is not checked and a victim comes close to him, he will imidietly attack her without order.

-game rules-

u get points by fucking a woman. Every time u finish with a victim, next victim will be faster in running away and will have wider sight of view. if u let a woman away from the town u lose.

woman will run away imedietly as she sees any of ur memeber. She cannot see through the wall and her width of sight will increase with dificulty(as explained above)


1. you can spered the gang areound a woman and attack all together from all sides

2.you can hide 1 or 2 members behind a wall closest to victim and then attack so that victim runs to the corner from witch the hidden will jump out.


Jazzuo all rights reserved

Download rape.zip (918kbs)