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greatest sword fighting game? thats this game!!!

i dont have mood for long writing so ill go to controls



mosuse left botton- point to go

right botton- point the direction where to do a quick step

how to play

there are three ways to kll enemy

1 do quick step tward surprise and cut before enemy cuts you

2 wait and do quick step to the side so the enemy misses then kill

3 same as 2 but not doing quick step. you are then constantinously moving so other enemy has hard time to kill you

and the music

q to quit

w with music or add in intensity

↓↓↓ Version 1 (6/16/2002) ↓↓↓

Download osamuraisann1.exe (2.8mbs)

↓↓↓ Version 2 (12/8/2002) ↓↓↓

Download osamuraisann.zip (1.7mbs)