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Lonely Vietnam (1/5/2003)

First put the story it is not text but audiorecording and animation!!! ok this is a survival game. You get score by being alive!! you do not get points for killing since it is not a thing to reward but killing is only way how you can survive in such situation as you got into

to controls

at normal position (on ground)

left mouse go to point where the mouse is

right mouse shoot to direction where mouse is

ctrl botton through granade(longer hold longer distance)

when a tower is empty you can climb on a tower

position on tower

righ m shoot on ground where mouse is

left shoot a anti air to where the mouse is

enter get down from the tower


you can kill enemy on tower with granade

you can destroy a bombarder plane only from tower

when you are on tower tank will shoot you if tank is on map and enemy soldiers do through

granedes and they can kick you out if you let them climb up

tank can be destroyed by granade

Download lonelyvietnam.exe (5.5mbs)