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Lonely Vietnam 3 - Sweet Revenge (6/28/2003)


After u survyved the horror night as in nightmare. U found an airplane and decided to revenge. To kill all the vietnamies.(if u do no0t understand play the lonely vietnam 1 and 2)


f-speed up

d-speed down

a-through bomb


uparrow-go up

downarrow-go down (these 2 can be reversed by clicking on the reverse button in main menu)

right left arrow- go left right

how to fly up- hold up arrow and f

how to land - go low keep and speed down little, put the fron t up(up arrow), slow down more

important for landing- angle has to be over horizontal, dont fall too fast




then bombs


kill enemy to get items. To pick item land and drive over it. If u leave enemy theil make a anti air bases

Download lonelyvietnam3.exe (2.2mbs)