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Lonely Vietnam 2nd Episode: Alone In Dark (2/12/2003)

First of all id like to apologise for my vietnamies imitation. I DO KNOW I CANNOT SPEAK VIETNAMIE. And also id like to ask you to not get to disturb by HISTORICAL TWISTING by this game. It is not a EDUCATIONAL game.

if youd like to try other jazzuo games visit: http://homepage.mac.com/luikawasumi/yumbo/jazzuo.html

Lonly vietnam -2nd episode!-alone in dark!

credits - almost all by jazzuo if litle taken from internet motion_towards by mark overmars used

how to play

mouse- left for moving right for shooting


U can see only things that are in your view area or lighned by enemy!!

you are viewd by enemy when you get in the light range of they torches or when you shoot

sometimes youll be viewd radomly youll knowtise that by that they start to talk.

u get points for being alife

this time you get a lot of points for killing but its very dangerous!!


Download ll2aloneindark.exe (2mbs)