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Kamila's Masochist Meets The Sadist (3/18/2004)

the controle is leather simple, u steer a car by arrow keys

game rules

U are a sadist and want to help ur new friend- the extreme masochist- to get over the kritical moment in his life. His woman left him and needs some serious pain to correct his mood so that he wiouldnt comit suicide.

The following is hos the masochist gets score-(your mission is just to help him to achieve best result)

masochist looses when his masochist power becomes 0. To recover masochist power he has to be hit by a car

to get score he has to make combo car hits!!! that means while he is flying after beeng hit by 1 car he has to be hit by another while still flying!!! when he is hit twise this way he gets 100 points when 3 times he gets 1000 when by 4 he gets 10000 and so on. The special trick is to get in middle of 2 cars crashing, that will bump him back and forward giving him max score 1million

Download masochistmeetssadist1.exe (1.9mb)