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GM Golf Challenge (8/9/2005)

Ok it is a simple game based on platform puzzles and minigolf games. In this game you move around with your character using arrow keys and control the hammer with the mouse to put a ball with it. Your goal is to put the golf ball into the hole with a flag in time.

S = Save game
L = Load game
R = Restart level
(If you save or collect a save item during the game, you will get your save amount back for the amount you had in the beginning of the level.)
Ctrl or Enter = Change camera from the ball to the player and back
Cursor on edge the of the screen = Move the view

Collect squares with save written on it to be able to save the game in more places.
Collect squares with a time amount written on it to get more time to finish the level.

Download GMgolfchallenge.zip (2.4mbs)