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GM Double Fall (3/24/2005)

Ok it's a simple game based on well known free fall games. In this one you have to control two balls and you compete against the time. Ok there are two balls you have to control. You only use left and right arrow keys.

Right arrow key - Moves the red one to the right & moves the blue one to the left.
Left arrow key - Move the blue one to the right & moves red one to the left.

Some tips and ideas:

So simply red moves as you push the keys while blue one moves oppositely. When a ball is in the air it cannot accelerate very well, while one on the ground can accelerate very well, use this knowledge to be fast!!!!!

If you finish the game in time a password will be told to you, thats for giving you a way to proof to creator you finished the game. Always write your score and password together they are mathematicly related, only the creator can check the relation.

Download GMdoublefall.zip (875kbs)