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Extreme Hockey (3/16/2002)

This is the extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme hocky game!!!!

Made by Yu know also as Jazzuo or Gumicuk!!!!!!!!!!!

The game is made on the best game making program ever The gamemaker!!!

how to play this game you ask? well first of all let me tell you that this hocky game is quite violent so if you do not like blood to see, Well too bad. For the others surely its great fun and remember this is not the way to play real hocky!!

ok to get to the controles. In this game you can controle only one player at a time. you change the player to play by clicking space or by biing cnocked down.

movements. You move by mouse. When the left mouse bottonis clicked the player will head to the mouse position.


V-you cross check(do not warry to use it a lot because there is no foul)

C-shoot (do not wary about where to shoot. player will automaticly shoot the puk to the enemy goal and there is no goleman so not wary about that either)

rules- when player is standing he can shoot or bounce the puk or to be crosschecked. When youare crosscheking you cannot bounce the puk. While you are shooting you cannot crosscheck. When you are down you cannot do anything.

hint: you ask how to get positive score? well you just gota do better.When you need to crosscheck go one step ahead of enemy players when you want to shoot read the movement of puk. When you are stuck with what ever try to crosscheck your self out.

And last thing to remember I love Yu and you love me, everybody loves Yu

Download extremehocky.zip (1.1mbs)