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Money Man by 8BitAnt (7/7/2021)


Money Man is on a quest to get all of his money back after he gambled it all away. He now has to use his crappy old PC to warp to areas containing some fat stacks and steal them. Unfortunately for him someone doesn’t like the fact that he’s stealing and will do anything in his power to stop him.

How to Play:

Gamepads & Mobile Devices are not supported.

Enter – Select
E – Interact with objects & Swing Hammer
Up arrow – Open doors
Left & Right arrows – Move/Select
Space – Jump
Cursor – Using buttons & dragging the ball

Play on Newgrounds.com (reccommended)

The option below is for Windows 7+ and will only work on 64-Bit sytems.

📥 Download money-man-setup.exe (192mbs)