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Latest news post [9/22/23]

Updating the site..even more!

Over the coming days and mainly this weekend since I'm not busy I'll be working on the site a ton.

The things I'll be working on include the Site Archive, the Video Archive, the Game Archive and minor updates everywhere else.

Be sure to also check out the SH B-Day stuff too, we're still accepting submissions!

-Ant :]

Posted on [9/17/23]

🎉 Happy 20th Sexy Hiking!!! 🎉

When Sexy Hiking was released on 9/17/2003, Jazzuo probably wouldn't have expected the attention it got years later.

Its rise in popularity began when a game named "Getting Over It by Bennett Foddy" was released on Steam, but it was still quite popular even before that and Jazzuo fans back then loved it just the same!

Sexy Hiking is a fun little game that I'm sure you all know of, and as of 9/17/2023 it turned 20 years old, which is nuts!

I want to ramble on more and more so read the contents of the page linked below, it will even have fan creations included and will be updated as people create more!

So join our Discord server to submit your work if you'd like!

Click here to visit the Sexy Hiking 20th Celebration page!

-Ant :3

Posted on [6/17/23]

Undergoing changes...

Currently just cleaning up the site to make the front page contain less links, everything else can be found in the "More" section. I also added more types of archives under the "All Archives" link. This will contain old sites made by Jazzuo and videos he made.

-Ant :D

Posted on [6/15/23] (edited)

All games have been added!

We added the last category today, soon a download to have all of his games will become available at the top of the Games Page, just keep in mind this includes some of his crude/offensive games too.

If you have a download to any missing games please contact us and let either me or Anton know!


Posted on [5/23/23] (edited)

Checking in...

Hey there! I figured I'd put out this post to update everyone on the sites current state, I have slowly been updating the site and adding more games and I hope to add all of them pretty soon! (Were almost there!) Once every game has it's own page and also to ensure we have every game on the list I will release a complete download of all of Jazzuo's games so it's easier for you to download all of them. The Czech version of the site has also been removed for now until it's completed. Hope you're all having a great day!

Also you should check out the Sexy Hiking Modding Community if you haven't already!

-Ant :D

Posted on [5/11/23]

Jazzuo.net has been rebranded!

Hello, guys! After forgetting to renew the domain for Jazzuo.fun, a bot bought it and now uses it to redirect to inappropriate material. We couldn't buy it back, so we decided to buy Jazzuo.net instead! Besides, many people are more familiar with the new extension. I'll be occasionally making more games available and continuing to work on the site in the coming days. I hope you're all having a nice day!

-Ant :D

Posted on [1/26/23]

Hello World!

The site has just been switched from Replit to GitHub and should be a lot more stable than it previously was. The site is still a huge WIP so expect a lot of it to still be pretty broken. Feel free to join our server for updates!

- Ant :3

Posted on 3/1/2022 (edited)

Welcome to Jazzuo.fun!

The site is still a WIP but be sure to stop by here and there to see if there are any changes, every day we add more games to make them more easily accessible to fans of his work and hopefully most of them will be here soon, stay tuned!

- Ant :D