This is my first game i made based on idea of my crazy Girlfriend Kamila (no she is not a masochist). Anyway u are a extreme masochist trying to get hit by a car.

thegamecontrole is leather simple, the player will go toward ur mouse cursor where ever it is

game rules

u loose when ur masochist power becomes 0, it gets redused by time. To recover masochist power u have to be hit by a car(on the top of screen you can see a red bar that shows the amount of MP)

to gather score u have to make combo car hits!!! that means while u are flying after beeng hit by 1 car u have to be hit by another in the air!!! when u are hit by 2 this way u get 100 points when by 3 u get 1000 when by for u get 10000 and so on.


Down load the game