1 button 2 language game

This game is outcome of my first attempt to make a game playable by anyone. By people not used to computer games like my coleques that do clay and pottery. This game is to be played using only one button and you can switch language of game, either English or Czech thats why its called that way. Later I also made a star wars eddition of this game that is also awayable- STAR WARS -

Game play

there are always 2 guys fighting on the screen both hidden behind some kind of obstacles. Their goal is to shoot down the oponent by uncover self going above the obstacle then shoot and dug imidietly. It may sound pretty vague but the game it self is very simple, you will understand the game system very fast.

You can enjoy 3 game modes, STORY MODE- u fight 4 enemies that get stronger while progressing in story. 2PLAYER MODE- u can play with ur friend on computer, only onebutton for one player is required so it is nice thing to play. TRAINING MODE - in this mode u play with a pretty good player. U can change the speed of bullets using + or - key, with high speed u can experience almost the movie feel.

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